Proposal Leaders

They will be the people who enter proposals in any of the Iteration 0 challenges.

This role will be one of the most active throughout the process since they will not only have to reply to the community's queries regarding their proposal, but also make sure to keep it updated, in case they receive feedback that they believe needs to be included.

How can I become a Proposal Leader?

If you are interested in submitting a proposal in Iteration 0, you must complete a "Proposal Submission" document. This document will be available from 11/10, after the Fundraising stage is finished.

What tasks should I perform?

The Proposal Leaders will be in charge of:

  • Ensuring that their proposals comply with the corresponding format in order to be considered.

  • Keeping the community informed about any changes in the proposals, at all times.

  • Responding to the questions that the community may make on our Discord channel.

  • Carrying out the project and responding to the ALDEA Audit if his/her proposal is awarded with the funds.

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