Community Advisors

The Community Advisors will be in charge of evaluating the proposals that the community submits to Iteration 0.

We believe that they are the most qualified to help us in this difficult task at such an early stage, as they know the project from the beginning and have been pioneers of it. This will change as we move forward with the iterations and can include more people.

NOTE: It is important to clarify that a Proposal Leader cannot be a Community Advisor.

How can I become a Community Advisor?

If you are interested in being part of this group, you just have to show your interest by completing the following form. You will have time until 11/10 to do so.

What tasks should I do?

The Community Advisors will be in charge of:

  • Verifying that the proposals submitted respect the format and comply with the guidelines.

  • Evaluating all proposals that are eligible for evaluation (see Evaluation section).

  • Moderating the channels that each proposal will have in our Discord.

  • Moderating the channels that will be used for voting in our Discord.

  • Carrying out the final count of the votes.

  • Communicating the results of the voting and which proposals will be funded to the community.

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