How does it work?


In this first stage, the complete design of the iteration is defined, establishing the objectives and success criteria. Then, the planning, roles and responsibilities for each of the following phases are defined. In addition, this is where the communication channels and the tools to be used are chosen.

During this stage and throughout the entire process, ALDEA's Core Team will share the progress with the Stake Pools and the community through “El Fogón de ALDEA” Telegram Channel. Good ideas are always welcomed as the feedback received will be taken into account for both Iteration 0 and the following iterations.


In order to generate the first funding cycle for proposals voted by the community, it’s necessary to have a Treasure which will be generated through the sale of the first series of ALDEA NFTs.

More details on this stage can be found in the Treasure and Fundraising sections. We invite the Stake Pools and our entire community to collaborate in order to build the Iteration 0 Treasure up and be part of this important milestone for ALDEA as a DAO!


Once the TREASURE stage is completed, the results will be published and, depending on the amount collected, the number of challenges that will be carried out in this first iteration will be determined.

The following criteria will be applied:

  • If more than USD 15,000 are raised => there will be two challenges.

  • If less than USD 15,000 are raised => there will be only one challenge.

The proposals’ reception will be open for a certain period of time. Proposal Leaders must upload their proposal by completing a document following a specific template. We recommend that you review it before submitting to make sure you have all the information requested. Proposals that do not have the minimum required information, will not be considered and will not be able to advance into the voting stage.

After the proposal reception stage is finished, there will be a period of time where the community will be able to ask questions to the Proposal Leaders and provide feedback, in order to improve them. All these interactions will take place in the ALDEA’s Discord Server.

Once the previous phase is concluded, the evaluation of the proposals by the Community Advisors will begin. They will be responsible for reviewing all the proposals, assigning a score to each of the following aspects:

  • Auditability

  • Alignment to the challenge

  • Feasibility

This score will be shared with the voters.

Review the Proposals segment for more information.


After the previous phase is completed, the Voting phase will begin. In this first iteration, voting will take place within ALDEA’s Discord Server, being a transparent and accessible tool for the whole community. There will be a dedicated channel for this event. Check the dates in the Planning section.

The voting results will be recorded in Discord. Using the "waterfall" method (available funds will fund the next most voted proposal), funding will be awarded to the winning proposals of Iteration 0. Find all details related to this process in the Voting section.


Iteration 0 will deliver the requested funds to each Proposal Leader according to the dates agreed in the Planning. At this point, the Audit stage begins, in which each Leader must meet the milestones defined in its proposal, until it is completed. The results of this and all Iteration 0 audits will be published in the official ALDEA DAO - Iteration 0 website.


In order to fulfill ALDEA’s vision, this stage is, perhaps, one of the most relevant. The results’ review, the feedback from the community, the opportunities for improvement, simplification or automation of processes and the impact generated in society, will be the basis to draw the most fruitful conclusions from this experiment.

Continuing with this cycle, all the experience obtained in Iteration 0 will be the foundation that will mark the beginning of Iteration 1.

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