An audit is the process of verifying and / or validating compliance with an activity as it was planned and in accordance with the stipulated instructions. Its purpose is to diagnose and identify which functions are developing as expected and which are not, in order to detect those that are susceptible to improvement.

The result of an audit is generally recorded in a report. Before its issuance, a draft is usually sent to the authorities for clarification of doubtful points and any discrepancies that may arise with respect to the auditors' criteria. Ideally, there should be maximum interaction and collaboration between the auditor and the auditee, so that a proper and realistic assessment of the situation can be made.

Consequently with one of ALDEA’s main values, which is transparency, we consider that this process should be a fundamental part of Iteration 0. For this reason, once the fundraising period is over, we will prepare a report with the details of its use as previously stated in Administration.

This report will be published in the following document and will be available to the community to be audited.

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