ALDEA Core Team designed, at first, a collection of 44 NFTs to be marketed within our community, in order to raise the necessary funds to carry out Iteration 0.

Based on the feedback from the community, it has been decided to incorporate into these 44 initial NFTs, an anthology of 462 NFTs formed by the conjunction of 2 Spanish-speaking countries.

The NFTs in this collection are divided into the following classes:

  1. Legendary (2): ALDEA NFT, 1 animated and 1 static

  2. Epic (21): animated, 1 for each of the 20 Latin American countries and 1 for Spain

  3. Rare (21): equal to the epic, but static

  4. Common (462) : static, formed by the conjunction of 2 Spanish-speaking countries (including ALDEA)

The modality that will be used to commercialize the 44 original NFTs (Legendary / Epic and Rare) will be under the "Dutch Auction" format.

Therefore, the NFTs will have the following maximum initial value:

  • Legendary: animated 800 ADA / static 400 ADA

  • Epic: 600 ADA

  • Rare: 300 ADA

In the case of the Commons, they will be sold randomly (that is, it will not be possible to choose the specific countries that will form it a priori), and will have a non-variable cost of 12 ADA.

The auction of each NFT will end when the price in effect at that time is offered and the funds are sent to the corresponding address. Buyers will receive their NFT within 48 hours of payment.

From ALDEA, we have developed a Marketplace that will help us with the selling process. Soon, the platform will be enabled and you will be able to purchase the NFTs that you are interested in.

The funds raised during this auction will start the ALDEA Treasure.

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