The ALDEA NFT’s fundraising process will be performed prior to the proposals reception. The objective is to know in advance the amount of funds available for the different challenges that will be carried out: depending on the amount collected, one or both challenges will be enabled in this first iteration.

In dialogue with the community, we have defined that the Social Impact Challenge is a priority. Therefore, in case the total collected is less than USD 15,000 (taking the ADA quote at the end of the fundraising period), Ecosystem Challenge will remain pending for a future iteration. On the other hand, if the total raised is greater than USD 15,000, both challenges will be enabled by dividing the amount allocated to proposals in equal parts for each challenge.

The following graphic representation shows how the collection will be distributed, with the percentages corresponding for each of the items:

It’s important to clarify that, of the total amount collected, 80% will be used to finance community proposals. Of the remaining 20%, 2.5% will be distributed as a reward to Stake Pools, another 2.5% to Community Advisors, 5% will remain in the ALDEA Treasure for future iterations and the remaining 10% will be used to cover all operational costs incurred by ALDEA to implement Iteration 0.


80% of the income collected during the sale will be made available to the community so that it can determine which proposals are worthy of being financed. The guidelines that a proposal must comply with in order to be considered are detailed in Format (in the Proposals section), while the Process section explains how the voting will be carried out.

Incentive for Stake Pools

ALDEA believes that Stake Pools are essential to our community. For this reason, 2.5% of the total funds raised will be allocated to reward the SPOs that collaborate with the dissemination of Iteration 0. You can see more details about this at the Incentives section.

Community Advisor Incentive

The Community Advisors will be in charge of assessing the proposals, prior to their final publication for voting by the community. Those who have fulfilled the tasks outlined in the guidelines, will be rewarded. 2.5% of the total collected in Iteration 0 will be divided equally among all the CAs that actively participate in the process.

ALDEA Treasure

5% of the proceeds will be available for future uses and iterations and the chance of being used to promote small Stake Pools in the community through staking. This will start the ALDEA Treasure.

On the other hand, all surpluses generated during this iteration will also be included in the ALDEA Treasure.

How could there be a surplus?

  1. If there is a surplus after financing all the winning proposals.

  2. If the 10% allocated to Operating Costs exceeds the actual expenditure incurred by ALDEA.

  3. If a winning proposal does not comply with the "Life Test" at the Audit stage and there are no proposals left that meet the conditions.

Operating Costs

CAs mentioned above, if the 10% allocated to ALDEA's expenses exceeds the actual cost incurred, the surplus will go to the Treasure. On the contrary, if the proceeds are not enough to cover the expenses, the ALDEA Core Team will absorb them.

Below we detail the operating costs to carry out Iteration 0:

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