Iteration 0


A Treasure is a set of objects that have value, gathered and stored in one place. ALDEA, as a DAO, transforms the way in which this "value" is handled.
Unlike what happened historically, where Treasures were usually kept in hiding places or private places, DAOs are completely transparent. All those who participate, with their different Roles, help to decide how to spend those funds and can keep a close track of them, verifying that they are actually used for what they are said to be used for. That’s why every single financial transaction is recorded on the blockchain, available for review by anyone.
What is the ALDEA Treasure and what will it be used for?
The Treasure is one of the main tools that will allow our community to self-govern, produce and trade in a decentralized way, without middlemen or central agencies. It will be the community who, iteratively, will determine how it will be used.
With Iteration 0, we will give birth to the ALDEA Treasure. Next, we will detail how the fundraising will take place and how it will be managed. All of this will happen in a transparent manner and can be verified by the community at all times.
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