After the Fundraising process, we will know if only the Social Impact challenge will be enabled, or also the Ecosystem challenge.

From 11/10 to 12/27 the proposal submission process will be open. Each Proposal Leader must request their proposal template, which will be a shared document with write access, that must be completed with all the required information. A Proposal Leader may register only one proposal per challenge. See more at the Format section.

Between 12/28 and 1/16, the submitted proposals will be evaluated according to their Format and Content. The Community Advisors (CA) will determine a score for each proposal based on the criteria of Auditability, Alignment with the Challenge and Feasibility of realization. See more at Evaluation.

The score generated for each proposal by the CAs will be shared with the community during the Voting stage, from 1/21 to 1/31.

After the voting and announcement of the winning proposals, the Audit cycle begins, where each Proposal Leader must perform a Proof of Live in order to receive the funds and start the execution of the project. During the following weeks and months, the Leader must keep the community updated on the progress of the project. See more at Audit.

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