Proposal Leaders must respect the format or "template" established for the presentation of each of the proposals:

  • Proposal title (maximum 35 characters): a descriptive name that captures attention.

  • Problem addressed by the proposal (maximum 140 characters): this should explain, clearly and concisely, the problem to be solved. It’s essential to understand the challenge within which the proposal is being presented, so that this statement is aligned with its objectives. Your idea may be good, but if it’s not presented in the right category, your chances of success will be diminished.

  • Solution to that problem (maximum 140 characters): describe the solution to the problem, again clearly and concisely. Although posteriorly there is a field where you can provide more detail about the proposed solution, here you should address the problem, solve it and give a basic idea of ​​how your solution is different from others.

    Both the problem description and its solution, when read together, should be able to provide all the necessary information to the Voters and Community Advisors, regarding what you are trying to solve, how and what benefits such solution will bring.

  • Relevant experience of the person or team behind the proposal (maximum 560 characters): specifically describe how you and your team are qualified or have the necessary experience to carry out this proposal. Think about the skills, characteristics, tools and experiences that stand out in the team and best apply to the challenges they will face as the project progresses. This should give Voters and Community Advisors the peace of mind they need to place their trust in this team and project, knowing that they have what it takes to make it a success.

  • Website and / or useful links: here you can share your project's social networks and website, if you have one. Even if it is an initial version with information about the proposal, it’s always welcome.

  • Detailed plan (no character limit): this is the main section of your proposal. Here you should explain, with as much detail as possible, how the objectives will be achieved. It’s not necessary that it is in its final version from the beginning, since you will be able to enrich it not only based on the team's progress in the project planning, but also with respect to the feedback and questions you will receive from the community in the Discord.

    This is the ideal section to add details regarding all the other sections, explain a little better how the idea was conceived, the expected impact, projections, metrics, KPIs, budget calculations, details about the team members, market analysis, technical specifications, roadmap, examples, useful links, bibliography or evidence supporting the research, roles in the team or missing, etc. In addition, it will be important to indicate how your proposal addresses the questions of the challenge in which it has been included (see "Metrics for Measuring Success" in the Social Impact Challenge and Ecosystem Challenge sections).

  • Funds requested (numeric field): here you must enter the amount you are requesting, in USD, to carry out the entire proposal.

  • Detailed budget (no character limit): here you must detail all calculations regarding how the number indicated in the previous field was obtained.

  • Referred Stake Pool: here you must choose a Stake Pool from the list. In case your proposal wins, this Stake Pool will receive an incentive (see Incentives).

  • Video summary: link to a 1 minute video where you should introduce yourself and your team and briefly present your proposal.

ALDEA Core Team will be in charge of compiling all the proposals and publishing them in the Discord, with the objective of making them known to the community.

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