Once the Voting cycle is completed, the proposals to be funded will be determined according to the criteria specified in the Results section. From this moment on, the process of auditing the winning proposals begins.

Proof of life

The first point in the proposal audit is to have a live contact with the Proposal Leader (optional the rest of the team). After the voting is completed, "Fogón de ALDEA" sessions will be scheduled, open to the community, where each winning Proposal Leader must participate in at least one session and make a presentation of their proposal. This contact is made to verify that the Proposal Leader and team are still in a position to receive the available funds and begin the project. In the event that the Proposal Leader does not perform their "Proof of Life", the funds will be available to be awarded to the next eligible proposal.

Release of funds

Funds will be distributed to all winning proposals that have met the Proof of Life. A transaction will be made in ADA for the equivalent of the total amount in USD requested by the proposal, to the address declared by the Proposal Leader at the time of registration (a double validation of the address will be made during the proof of life through the sending of 1 ADA).

For the transfer of funds, we will use the ADA/USD quote registered in Daedalus on the day of payment, agreed upon in the Proof of Life. It is ALDEA's recommendation that the Proposal Leaders make the exchange to stable currency on the same day the funds are received.

All payments (including the execution of the Incentives) are expected to be made during the first half of February 2022 at the latest.

Tracking and Progress

Once the funds have been sent, a tracking and progress schedule will be agreed upon with each of the winning Proposal Leaders. Depending on the nature of the proposal, the Leader (optional the rest of the team) should present the progress of the project in the "Fogón de ALDEA" on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, until the completion of the project. The status of the tasks and the budget should be included, plus all the information that the Leader considers relevant.

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