We are standing at exactly the opposite end of the line to "conclude". In fact, we are at the starting line of an evolutionary race against ourselves, towards the creation of a new way of organizing, deciding and communicating, on a massive scale and with levels of transparency never experienced before. All this, thanks to Blockchain technology.

If we define ALDEA DAO in isolation, it is just a set of inert rules and processes. However, they bring life and social meaning when they are used to interact with our community. That is why your participation is vital.

In order to go through this experience side by side and have live feedback throughout the process, we have decided to involve the community in this initial stage. Let's remember that this process is evolutionary and there is no statement that cannot be improved, with mutual agreement from all of us.

Through future iterations we will be gaining experience, automating processes, improving the infrastructure and simplifying its usability, always with a focus on transparency of data, status and results.

Join us on this exciting journey and let's write together the conclusions of ALDEA DAO - Iteration 0. Let's create our Whitepaper: the cornerstone.

Thank you all very much for your support and collaboration.

ALDEA Core Team

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