Ecosystem Challenge

How can we promote ALDEA's growth in the next 3 months?

Campaign Summary

ALDEA needs to develop its own tools to become, tomorrow, a mature and 100% decentralized community. To achieve this, we need to create a friendly experience for developers who want to get closer and help us grow our ecosystem.

Why is it important?

By creating a space that generates interest and encourages the most technical profiles of our community to participate, we will achieve greater adoption, productivity and creativity from developers.

What does success look like?

With happy developers motivated to achieve their goals and those of ALDEA, through mutual collaboration and a sense of belonging to our community. We want to provide them with a wide variety of resources that allow them to focus solely on the value they want to generate.

Metrics to measure success

At the end of this challenge, we will ask ourselves:

  • Did we manage to drive at least one project aligned with ALDEA's pillars?

  • Did we get more developers who want to actively participate and play a role within ALDEA?

Some of the metrics that will help us measure this will be the following:

  • Number of developers joining the ALDEA community.

  • Number of repositories on Github using ALDEA tools.

  • Number of projects promoted within our ecosystem.

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