This document contains all the details of the ALDEA Iteration 0 process. Reading it is mandatory for anyone who participates in it.

What is it?

We call Iteration 0 to the first distributed decision-making process carried out in ALDEA and driven by the community. For these definitions, we’ve used the learnings and experiences from Project Catalyst as a basis. However, there is no “best” way to carry it out, since there are multiple endogenous and exogenous variables of the DAO that performs it (i.e.: objective, region, knowledge, maturity, infrastructure, etc.). For this reason, we define Iteration 0 as the first "experimental process" that will help us improve and adapt for the next iteration, following the path outlined by the community.

We invite you to be part of it!


Iteration 0 is the first step aligned with ALDEA's mission, to facilitate change in the Hispanic World by creating an ecosystem that allows us to self-govern, produce and trade as an Autonomous and Decentralized Community, without third parties or central entities that moderate these interactions for us.

What for?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) aims to allow the community to make decisions transparently without the need for a hierarchical structure. For this to happen, there are multiple phases, tools, elements and mechanisms that must be defined and work harmoniously: Funding, Consensus, Human Tasks, Governance, Rules, etc.

Iteration 0 will help us to diagram this complex system for the first time and in a controlled environment, where we can experience the synergistic behavior of the components of our DAO.

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